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No obligation for quick sale

Formula One owner CVC says they have no obligation to make a quick sale despite claims from Berine Ecclestone that a quick sale is on the cards. Chairman Donald Mackenzie, the chairman of CVC Capital Partners, flatly denied claims by Ecclestone that the private equity firm must sell up soon, but there are several possible buyers in the mix.

The favourite are Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and his associates but there has  also been links with investors from China and Qatar. Speaking to Motorsport.com Mackenzie said “No, we are not obliged to sell.”

Adding “It is unlikely that we will be here forever, but we are definitely not obliged to sell. Bernie often says things he doesn’t mean.”

Mackenzie who has been a key alis of Ecclestone throughout his trial for bribery in Germany last year, and at the end of last year despite plans to bring in a city executive.


Key to my future – Bottas

Valtteri Bottas say that next season will be very important for his career has he looks to progress future in his career. The Fin has impressed since his second season due part to the progress by Williams.

At the end of his fourth season he is still to take his first win and has been talked about as potential Ferrari driver. The Fin admitted he has been disappointed that success this year has been less frequent than he would of hoped.

He told Crash.net “I think it’s a very unlucky season compared to last year – there’s been a lot of things happening in races for me, things where I’ve not been able to do anything.”

Adding “I didn’t get 100 per cent out of the car and that is really crucial for the starting place.” The fin has been hindered by operational issues throughout the 2015 season however Bottas feels pleased overall with “pleased overall with the last few races, I feel that I’ve been able to perform at my top level and get everything out of the car.”

He and Williams agree more needs to be done to improve the operational side of the team. he says the team “are working on that as well and finding results, so by the end of the year and especially next year, we will be much stronger as a team.”


Competitive force for 2016

Fernando Alonso believes that McLaren will be able to find 2.5 seconds over the winter and be a competitive force in F1 next season. McLaren have struggled with their Honda engine this season.

Alonso and team-mate Jenson Button has repeated called this season a glorified testing schedule while the Japanese manufacturer puts solutions in place for 2016. When asked by Autosport how much the team can improve he said “If we improve two and a half seconds we will win.”

He says this is a realistic target but the team needs to work very hard with a high discipline all winter and be united. He said “We are working on that and we understand that but it is a very big gap that we have to close.”

Adding “The steps that we can do are much bigger than any other team. They don’t promise anything, but they are very optimistic about the results of next year’s engine.”

His 2007 season with the team was much more competitive than the current campaign, but that year ended in acrimony after a falling-out with team boss Ron Dennis. He added “it’s very different. The team is much more open now and much more international.”


In my top five – Ecclestone

F1 CEO Berine Ecclestone says that Lewis Hamilton is in the top five of the sport’s world champions.

Hamilton wrapped up a third title and one back-to-back championships after winning United States Grand Prix on Sunday, sealing the title with victory in a dramatic race.

Ecclestone speaking to F1i says he rates Hamilton in the top five all-time champions within the sport. He said “Yeah, as a champion it’s what he does for you guys and the sport which is so good.”

Hamilton is equal with his hero Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda, Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir Jack Brabham and Nelson Piquet on three titles. However Ecclestone says it is difficult to rate drivers from different eras against each other, saying not every driver achieves the number of titles they deserve

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