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Behind The Headlines – The opening races

The opening two races were dominated by Max Verstappen, but the off-track drama continues to dominate the headlines as the fallout from the Christian Horner behaviour investigation continues, while he was cleared by the external investigator it has opened up more questions about what’s going on behind the scene. A power struggle between many different

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Behind The Headlines – 2024 News Prixview

Jack Fielding analyzes the storylines in 2024. With Red Bull’s dominance, is Max Verstappen under pressure to maintain his status as “the man to beat.” Ferrari and Mercedes seek to close the gap, as the midfield battle intensifies. McLaren aims to avoid a slow start, while other teams strive for breakthrough success. The season promises exciting storylines and intense racing, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the action on the track.

Behind The Headlines – Australian

Melbourne saw the third battle between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen in what could be an epic battle. However that early race battle which saw Leclerc successfully defend his position before controlling the race at the front made it a rather tame affair compared to Sakhir and Jeddah. Leclerc launched cleanly to pull across the

BEHIND THE HEADLINES – Saudi Arabia – Transitions

The second round of the season gave us another look at what this season was promising to deliver, closer and faster racing. Watching both the race in Sakhir and Jeddah the biggest thing I took away was the ability of Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen to go at each other lap after lap on a

Behind The Headlines – The Year Ahead (In News)

In this edition of behind the headlines, I’m going to look at some of the news stories, on track events and what could be ahead in the year ahead. 2022 could see the biggest shake-up in a generation with the new technical regulations. This is not a season prixview we will get to that in

BEHIND THE HEADLINES – Russia – British drivers play 1 v 100

Sunday’s Russian Grand Prix was a historic day in what’s been a record-breaking calendar year for Lewis Hamilton, a year ago a mistake cost him the chance to equal Michael Schumacher, this year it was a long wait for his 100th win. Meanwhile, one of his rivals buying to be his successor Lando Norris was

BEHIND THE HEADLINES – Italian – Crash of the title rivals two

Another on track collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen was always going to be enviable this season, but the dramatic crash which it happened on lap twenty-three was scary and shocking. On a day where McLaren took the victory, their first win since Interlagos in 2012 and first one-two since Montreal. Throughout the last