This Week – 04/12/2022

Hello again, this week we got some answers to the question about Mattia Binotto’s future as he leaves Ferrari at the end of the month. China zero covid policy as reported last week as forced next year’s race to be cancelled and Mercedes how they are looking to avoid the post-title slumps. The drama never

This Week – 27/11/2022

Hello again, this week the sport has started to both look back at last season and as ever ahead. The reflections on the 2022 season will be the theme for the next month, as the sports figures out what it means going forwards, constructors championship position result in more money for the smaller teams. But

This Grand Prix – Abu Dhabi

  This may have been the final race of the year, but already the mind not surprisingly in a sport is looking to the future. Questions about friction at Red Bull and Ferrari’s drivers, the future of Mattia Binotto and one team which are going to continue… but on over the winter… Max Verstappen took

This Week – 06/11/2022

Hello, welcome to This Week, you’re Sunday round-up of the biggest stories from F1 and analysis. This week, did Mercedes lose their final chance to win as Red Bull looks unstoppable, could the final two weekends be the continuation of Red Bull winning every race in the second half of the season. This edition due

This Week – 25/09/2022

Analysis and a round-up of news stories from the week, how they developed and what they could mean for next week.

This Week – 18/09/2022

Analysis and a round-up of news stories from the week, how they developed and what they could mean for next week.

This Grand Prix – Italian

Hello and welcome to This Italian Grand Prix, a historic weekend where Max Verstappen took a giant step towards his second title, proving how Red Bull are operationally growing back into the team we saw a decade ago when they won four titles back to back to back. Going to Singapore in three weeks time

This Grand Prix – Dutch

Hello welcome to This Dutch Grand Prix, Max Verstappen is steaming towards his second championship now over a hundred points ahead of Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez he could win his second title in Japan. Ferrari facing the question of why can’t they get their strategy right, meanwhile Mercedes had another great weekend for their

This Grand Prix – Belgian

Hello welcome to This Belgian Grand Prix, can anyone stop Max Verstappen? It feels like writing these opening monologues after races I’m posing the same question why are Ferrari making mistakes and bad luck costing them results? They could have equally shared the headlines on what had been an excellent recovery drive for Verstappen and

This Week – 21/08/2022

The penultimate week of the summer break continued the reflective mood but looking more towards not the rest of this season, but the long-term future. We are in admits of a title fight but it’s seemingly laying the foundations for the discussions over the next two and a half months. Meanwhile, what does the future