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Reporters – 04/11/2018

Qualifying has become a predictable session in recent years, Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull the top six in most sessions.  However Max Verstappen believes that adding another Q4 session with eight cars could be the answer, but why? Qualifying risks becoming another practice – Verstappen Max Verstappen believes that qualifying risks turning

Reporters – 14/10/2018

Sebastian Vettel’s championship hopes appear all but dead, now. But Flavio Briatore believes that his biggest and most costly errors have been down to his obsession with winning. So what advice would he give the four times champion? Vettel too focused on race wins – Briatore Former Benetton and Renault

Reporters – 12/08/2018

This season Mercedes and their customers have come under greater pressure this year and have been beaten by Ferrari power. However, why does the team principal Gunther Steiner believe that they cannot complain? Mercedes customers shouldn’t complain about Haas Haas’s team principal Gunther Steiner believes that Mercedes customers should not

Reporters – 05/08/2018

One of Liberty’s aims, when they brought F1, was to broaden the sports appeal to the fans, last week the woman tasked with that spoke to The Guardian about how she plans to do that and her CV is impressive.   Norman speaks about broadening appeal Ellie Norman, the F1 director

Reporters – 03/06/2018

One of Liberty’s proposals for the future of the sport is for a cost cap on teams spending, though the opposition from the big team is well known by both sides, what impact could it have on the wider motorsport industry and why does that need consideration? Horner calls for cost

Reporters – 20/05/2018

Charles Leclerc has become one of the stand out performers in the lower end of the grid in the first four races he delivered good results for Sauber. Could his performances mean he could move to Ferrari, Jolyon Palmer believes so but why? Palmer believe Leclerc could move to Ferrari Former Renault

Reporters – 22/04/2018

Marcus Ericsson had been in Formula One for three seasons without scoring a point. That was partly due to an underperforming Sauber, but in Bahrain, the Swede scored his first points. But why does he feel a weight has lifted? Ericsson feels a weight lifted after first points Marcus Ericsson says that

Reporters – 16/02/2018

The civil war and fight against Islamic State in Syria entered it seventh year this week. But new reports suggest the FIA handed grants from its Formula One cuts to the regime of President Assad via Syrian Automobile Club. So why has it knowingly done this? US questions links between F1 and